NEKTAR Fishing


Sea trout fishing in Estonia is a very attractive activity, as it usually happens in nature spots with magnificent beauty. I am happy to invite you to places in nature where you most likely haven’t been before.

I myself have been fishing all my life catching all kinds of fish.  Sea trout is my specialty and I have been passionately fishing it almost 20 years. I am happy to share with you all the necessary skills for successful sea trout fishing in a beautiful Estonia nature. Welcome!


All fisherman have their secret spots;)! We will practice sea trout fishing walking by the seashore in the water looking for special rocky areas and hidden bays.

I will organize also fishing tours to Norway. The nature there is powerful and the are very good rivers for trout!

To whom is it?

I organize private or group tours. I can guide you to find the best locations, advise you about the necessary fishing equipment, share tips about observing the nature, weather and everything else that is needed to make the fishing trip successful. Good to note: the fishing specifications change according to the time of the year.

Everybody is welcome! You can be beginner who has been dreaming about fishing and wants to finally do the first step and you can be also experienced fisherman who is just looking for something different in a new location or just to share an experience together.


The total price of the experience depends of the length of the time we plan for the trip. The transport is usually clients own if there are local clients.  Can be agreed upon.  If needed I can bring also extra equipment. It all depends what we plan, how many are in the group etc.

More info…

You can read my thoughts about fishing here:

Here you can see some of my big catch over the years

Whats next:

Fishing trip to Norway is planned 14-22.06.2024. Join us!